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The value of international learning experiences

On Friday, March 1, 2024, our student panel shared inspiring stories about how their international internships, 360 Course Clusters and semesters abroad impacted their education and shaped their future pursuits. More than 150 students pursued summer internships in 2023 via more than $600,000 of funding, made possible by significant philanthropic support from alumnae/i and families! Read more about these experiences here:

What does global learning look like at Bryn Mawr?

Global learning at Bryn Mawr is not new. It is baked into our history. Learn more about the many global learning opportunities at the College by exploring the link below!

Take a virtual tour of “The Well” – the College’s new Student Life and Wellness building

Grow your global BMC network

Through the College’s Career and Civic Engagement Center, Bryn Mawr alumnae/i around the world have access to Mawrter Connect, an online platform where they can make purposeful connections, explore opportunities and share experiences.

Sign-up here to begin leveraging the power of your global Bryn Mawr network through this exciting platform!

On the ground with panelist Radha Karnad ’03 on International Women’s Day 2023

Attendees of the 2023 International Forum Session 1 saw panelist Radha Karnad ’03, Chief Medical Officer of HealthX Africa, speaking from the International Women’s Day health clinic in Nandi County, Kenya. During her remarks, attendees could hear singing from the crowd outside Radha’s car! She shared these photos from the day’s events.

Learn more about Bryn Mawr’s distinctive 360° Program, featured in Session 2 of the 2023 Forum

View photos, blog posts and course descriptions from more than a decade of these innovative inter- and multi- disciplinary 360° course clusters, and see what and where our students and faculty will be studying next!

Images from “African Traditions: Healing in a Globalized World” 360° Course Cluster

Agnès Peysson-Zeiss, Senior Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies, and student Aveline Plenter ’25 shared photos from their field experience in Senegal as part of Session 2 of the 2023 International Forum.

Find (or start!) an alumnae/i club in your region

Visit our website for a list of existing clubs and upcoming events around the globe.

The Office of Alumnae/i Relations and Development is here to support you in launching a new club if there are none in your region!

March 8, 2022: More than 250 alumnae/i, parents and friends registered to join today’s fireside chat with Sonali De Rycker ’95 and Linda Hill ’77! The conversation centered on leadership, organizational culture, globalization and creativity. We couldn’t get to all the audience questions, but keep the conversation going on our Questions & Discussion pages, and learn more about Linda’s research in these recently published articles:

  • “Curiosity Not Coding: Six Skills Leaders Need in the Digital Age” 12-Feb-2022

  • “Digital Transformation: A New Roadmap for Success” 7-Feb-2022

  • “Where Can Digital Transformation Take You? Insights from 1,700 Leaders” 31-Jan-2022

January 2022: Whether it’s managing a family business or starting your own company, entrepreneurship is on the rise, especially for BIPOC women. Minority and women owned businesses, however, are often under-resourced and lack available mentorship and peer support. Leveraging Mawrter Connect, a digital networking tool, Tapestry is partnering with the Career & Civic Engagement Center to build up the business directory to serve as a hub for BIPOC alumnae/i who own their own businesses. Read more in the latest issue of The Alumnae Bulletin:

November 2021: Fall celebrations found our campus community full of light for Diwali, and beautiful dancing and fashion at the Asian Students Association Culture Show!

August 2021: The Spring 2020 issue of The Alumnae Bulletin has landed in mailboxes and is available online. It includes a feature story on the International Forum, a letter from President Cassidy about global initiatives at the College and a moving piece about the transnational bonds shared by Bryn Mawrters in “The Strength of Our Connection.” Read more here:

June 8, 2021: Let’s discuss! We collected the notes from Forum breakout discussions and have captured some recurring themes from the more than 20 groups. Click here to take a look at new insights on the liberal arts, leadership and innovation, to be reminded of time-tested values shared by the Bryn Mawr community, and to contribute your own perspective to the conversation.

June 1, 2021: Emcee Tabi Haller-Jorden ’81 shares some key takeaways from the inaugural event and looks ahead to future Forums in this brief video.

May 16, 2021: May Day made a triumphant and joyful return to campus life in-person, and virtually to alumnae/i clubs around the world! Click here to view the full photo album featuring beautiful highlights from Bryn Mawr’s on campus celebration, and enjoy photos below from the virtual Pan-European May Day.

International Charitable Giving

Passing the light from one class to another, one generation to another,
starts quietly in the Cloisters but makes a big impact around the world.

We know the current global environment is difficult and we deeply appreciate your collective support. Now, more than ever, it is truly making a difference in students’ lives and the College’s ability to adapt to this unique moment in time. If you live outside of the United States and are considering a gift to Bryn Mawr, please click here for detailed information on how to make a donation from anywhere!

Translation Innovation

Engage in alumnae/i-student creative life within a multilingual academic community through In Other Words, made possible by a Digital Bryn Mawr seed grant. Review and submit original creative works, and recognize the multilingual skills and translingual identities of Bryn Mawrters.

Perspective: Connecting with Students

Forum Convener Tabi Haller-Jorden ’81 on alumnae/i and the leadership journey of education.

TEDx Zurich talk by Forum Convener Tabi Haller-Jorden ’81

“Corporations across Europe share the same problem: a dramatic gender gap in leadership. Although the size of this gap varies from country to country, men far outnumber women in senior business leadership. What makes the most senior positions in business so inaccessible to women — even in countries where there is considerable government and social support for gender equality? Senior women leaders across Western Europe tell us that gender stereotyping is an important barrier to consider; and our research supports it.”